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  • Carry your cake box from the bottom, and keep it as level as possible.

  • Drive with the cake on a flat surface, like the footwell of your car. In high temperatures, having your aircon on is highly recommended. You can also have a passenger hold on to your cake, but they need to hold it flat and firm. 

  • Store your buttercream cake in the fridge during the hot summer months, and let it come to room temperature about an hour before serving. Keep your cake in the most cool spot possible while displaying. Fondant cakes do not need refrigeration, the fondant may sweat if stored in the fridge.

  • Tiered cakes contain dowels for structure and support. You can disassemble the cake by using a cake server to seperate the top tier, slide your hand under the board and lift the cake straight up. You can then remove the centre dowel and repeat this process for each tier. 


The easiest way to slice large or tall cakes, is lengthways, and not in the traditional triangle slices. Click below to see an example of how to cut your cake.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 12.10_edited.jpg

Store your decorated cookies in a cool, dry place. Condensation, humidity, rain etc will affect your designs and cause the colours to bleed.

Cookies are fragile, please handle and transport with care.


While I can accommodate certain dietary requests, please note that my kitchen is NOT a vegan or Gluten free kitchen. Please be aware of this when ordering because I cannot guarantee that bakes will be completely free of trace elements of gluten. I can accommodate requests for egg free bakes for some items, I can also accommodate the use alternative milks.

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